Unfounded Myths Surrounding Acne Emergence on the Face

Unfounded Myths Surrounding Acne Emergence on the Face

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Unfounded Myths Surrounding Acne Emergence on the Face

One of the frequently asked questions is; can acne be cured and what brought about acne on the face? Let’s look through few myths and facts that lie behind acne.

Myth: Acne is an infection.

Fact: Acne is a long-term skin disorder or disease which is characterized by red pimples caused by several factors including bacteria and hormones.

Myths: Acne is only a cosmetic disease.

Fact: Acne can affect your mood; make you feel depressed and hopeless. It may affect how you relate and socialize with your friends to the extent of making you feel less confident about yourself. Luckily, to elate your mood, you could speak with anyone you trust or maybe seek the assistance of a professional.

Myth: Acne is caused by stress.


Myth: Being under the sun can improve acne.

Fact: No evidence to show that sunlight improves acne though sunlight can do more harm than good. Due to the several medications used for acne treatment the skin could be sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Myth: Sex and masturbation can lead to acne.

Fact: The sex hormone testosterone is a major cause of acne and whether or not you engage i  n sexual acts it has no effect on acne and absolutely doesn’t cause it.

Myth: Fatty foods and chocolates affect acne.

Fact:    is allergic to certain foods or you easily react just avoid such food.

Myth: It is safe to stop your medication if your acne has cleared up.

Fact: Consult your dermatologist first before you can stop or change your medication, this might help your acne not to flare up again and would help you on how to manage.

Myth:  Only teenagers have acne.

Fact:   ly 1% of men in that age group.

Myth: Poor hygiene can cause acne.

Fact: The fact that many people believe dirt and skin surface oil causes acne is not true, so this makes such people over wash their face just to keep off dirt and keep the face clean though it’s advisable to wash skin with soap twice daily.

Myth: There is nothing I can do about scarring.

Fact:    scarring.

Myth: You can let acne run its course.

Fact: Why run the risk of letting acne run its course? With the right treatment that has been developed strictly for acne. It can be used to easily clear up acne on the skin.