What is skin texture and complexion?

What is skin texture and complexion?

What is skin texture and complexion? – clear skin tips

Skin complexion and skin texture are two words that mean almost the same thing but have just one difference in meaning. Skin texture refers to the overall smoothness and softness of the skin. It points out the unevenness and evenness of the skin surface. Its either fine, coarse, rough or smooth. Skin complexion, on the other hand, means the natural color and appearance of the skin, especially the face. Skin complexion deals with a person’s general skin texture and its lightness or darkness.
Most skins today has either been hampered by uneven texture or poor complexion maintenance. Skin complexion is usually determined by the gene, but its brightness and general maintenance can be significantly altered by what we eat and our lifestyle. Rough skin texture can occur as a result of different skin inflammations, acne, black spots, eczema, sunburns, blemishes dry skin and poor nutrition. All these conditions leave their mark on the skin hence resulting in poor skin complexion(blackfacemask).

Tips on getting a clear skin texture.

Drink plenty of water

drink plenty of water | skin texture

This is by far one of the most important tips in the list. Our body functions more appropriately when well watered. Ever noticed how you seem to regain yourself after exercising and taking a glass of water? Water is responsible for cleansing your skin from the inside, and it is important to remain well hydrated all the time. You can try adding slices of cucumber or lemon to your water for extra skin boost. They are both proven to help get a pleasant skin texture and skin complexion(blackfacemask).

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly | skin texture

Exercising helps your body remove unwanted wastes through sweat and improves skin texture. This helps purify your skin as it is relieved of dirt, unwanted debris and gives you new skin cells. You can do light exercises daily or embark on early morning jogging daily.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

eat fruits and vegetables | skin texture

Fruits and vegetables are the bedrock for maintaining a perfect skin texture and complexion as they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin c, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc, calcium, iron and so much more. These nutrients are well known to help renew your skin cells, clear out your rough skin surface and maintain your perfect complexion for as long as possible. Recommended fruits include orange, lemon, papaya, banana, kiwi, mango. Vegetables include broccoli, spinach, and any leafy green vegetable will do(blackfacemask).

Use facial masks

In as much as nutrition and exercises are important in maintaining good skin texture, good facial masks can also do the trick. Most quality facial masks are filled with all natural ingredients such as honey, aloe Vera, goji and acai berry, vitamin E, vitamin C and much more. Facial masks are easy to apply and posses the capability to reduce your skins scars, even out your rough texture and help maintain your complexion. Facial masks are made to brighten and lighten the skin giving you a perfect skin texture and skin complexion(blackfacemask).

Use natural home remedies

There are lots of homemade remedies out there that you can use on your skin to achieve skin smoothness. You could use the Honey and milk remedy, lemon juice remedy Fresh Tomato remedy or Aloe vera remedy.
All these are guaranteed to help you maintain a bright, perfect skin texture and complexion.

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