organic skincare of Serenity for optimum results

organic skincare of Serenity for optimum results

Serenity organic skincare for optimum results

It is always better if we use organic skincare products as these ensure the best results in the healthiest way possible.
You wouldn’t fill your car with inferior fuel nor should you ingest inferior food. If we eat organic fruit and vegetables, we are protecting ourselves from the risks of pesticides or other chemicals. Not only this, but the benefits are immense.  If you combine a healthy diet with organic Serenity skincare you are ensuring optimum health and radiance. An organic food and skincare routine will lead to beautiful, rejuvenated skin. In addition, using organic products will help to protect your skin and other organs from diseases such as Cancer, often caused by free radical damage. We all want clear and radiant skin, and there are several vitamins which will help to ensure that your body builds and repairs skin cells caused by pollution and other free radical damage, such as smoke and sunlight.

Our  products focus on several key nutrients for organic skincare:

Vitamin A

vitamin a | organic skincare

This important antioxidant contains several compounds such as Retinol and Beta Carotene. These work to improve the skin’s appearance by aiding healthy skin cell formation whilst helping to support your skin structure. This will naturally improve your appearance by promoting a firm, radiant and healthy skin texture. Organic skincare products also protect the body from harmful bacteria and infections which might otherwise compromise your health and beauty. For example, Vitamin A is a key ingredient in treating Acne and will create clear skin that is spot free. Food sources include milk; cheese; leafy green vegetables; tomatoes and oranges.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C | organic skincare

Vitamin C is an essential component of good organic skin care. As a water soluble vitamin, it can’t be stored in the body so we must take it every day. Helping to stabilize Collagen, it creates radiant, youthful skin and also helps to absorb Cholesterol, thus reducing fat and promoting blood flow to skin vessels. This will ensure that the skin aging process is delayed and your tissues and cells are repaired. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C combined with vitamin E can even be used for the treatment of skin cancer and solar UV radiation. This vitamin is found in citrus fruits; red peppers and other fruit and vegetables.

Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant works by providing protection from free radical damage, caused by smoke, sunlight, and other factors, thus reducing existing damage. Free radical damage cannot be underestimated and actually decreases Collagen and Elastin, which has the effect of aging skin prematurely, causing those unwanted wrinkles. Vitamin E is found in vegetables such as Broccoli, Avocado pears and vegetable oils.

Coenzyme Q10 best for organic skincare

organic skincare

This nutrient acts as a powerful antioxidant producing the energy required for healthy cell growth and protection, thus preventing problems such as Acne and wrinkles. It can be found in liver, oily fish such as Tuna and Salmon, and whole grains.

A case study using  Serenity organic skincare products

Deborah Potts, 36, from Derbyshire began a strict organic health regime, after suffering a series of illnesses. ‘After several months of illness, I was getting really fed up. I looked awful too. I was even starting to get my first wrinkles. It was so depressing! One day, a friend of mine told me about the benefits of Serenity organic products and how effective they were. At first I was sceptical but decided anything was worth a try. I began trying to eat more healthily so I cut out the cakes and processed foods I’d been eating, and began a really healthy diet of organic fruit, vegetables and other foods. My skin and mood improved very quickly, but it was when I also started to use Serenity organic facial products that I noticed the difference to my appearance. I really began to look good. The shallow wrinkles all but disappeared and my skin looked radiant and healthy. I said goodbye to my spots too, which had haunted me since being a teenager with chronic Acne. I feel absolutely amazing now and swear by Serenity organic skincare. It has affected my whole life and given me so much confidence.’
Be smart. Think organic. Think Serenity skincare.

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