Organic Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

Organic Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

Organic Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

Organic skincare starts from the inside. So often we have been bordered so much for over skin health that we have used one too many beauty products in a bid to get a perfect skin condition. We often forget that what we eat considerably affects how our skin appears. Yes! Your skin texture, lightness, and brightness can be greatly altered by the kind nutrients you get from the food you eat. How? You might ask. Statistically, about 80% of your skin beauty comes from what you eat. This is because several nutrients you take in help in building, formation, and repairs tissues necessary for hair and skin support. Taking the right nutrients can go a long way in giving your skin the much-needed radiance and glow you crave so much.
Below is a list of necessary nutrients and how they affect your skin tone and radiance.

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

    Vitamin C - organic skincare

This water-soluble anti-oxidant is one essential nutrient that is really not synthesized by our body. Its intake is critical for healthy living. Ascorbic acid plays vital roles in the stabilization of our collagen Structure (collagen is an important component of the Organic skincare ) it does this by acting as a cofactor for lysyl and prolyl. Vitamin C helps in cholesterol absorption and synthesis, hence reducing the presence of fat in and around the skin it also helps in iron absorption leading to more blood flow to the skin vessels. Deficiency of this L-ascorbic acid results in a health condition called scurvy, a disease which manifests as skin fragility, skin lesions, skin breakages and slow healing of wounds. Ascorbic acid is used in most quality cosmetic products to help reduce the skins aging process by repairing worn out tissues and cells. When combined with vitamin E it is used for the treatment of solar UV radiations and skin cancer.
Natural sources of vitamin C are fresh fruits and vegetables such as orange, guava, lime and lemon, kiwis, tomatoes, parsley, spinach, broccoli.

  • Vitamin A(Organic Skincare)

    Vitamin A - organic skincare

Unlike some other nutrients, vitamin A is a group of compounds including its active form (retinol and retinoic acid) and pro-vitamin A carotenoid (Beta-carotene). Its active form is gotten from animal foods while the beta-carotene is converted in the body. Taking diets rich in this vitamin A can considerably affect how your skin looks in a right way. Here is a list of things vitamin A does for your Organic skincare:
It helps in healthy skin cell production: The active form retinol and retinal play significant roles in skin cell formulation and growth, they help simulate the inner fibers of your skin (Fibroblasts: responsible for developing tissue that maintains firm skin).
It protects your skin from infections: Vitamin A provides your skin with adequate support to fight against bacteria’s and other harmful irritants that damage the skin. This goes a long way in reducing and clearing acne and spots thus leaving your skin fresh and radiant
The major sources of vitamins A include fortified milk, egg, meat, cheese, tomatoes, orange, mango, leafy green vegetables, carrots.

  • Vitamin E(Organic Skincare)

    Vitamin E - organic skincare

Vitamin E also called Tocopherol is one of the essential nutrients required for healthy Organic skincare from the inside because it has the ability to provide reasonable photoprotection for your skin by reducing the damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals are a byproduct of smoke and sunlight. They hugely depreciate the strength of collagen and elastin on the skin thereby causing wrinkles. It is available vegetables, vegetable oil such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, soy, corn. Deficiency in this vitamins leads to considerable dryness of skin, depigmentation, and loss of skin texture.

  • Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10)

This is a fat soluble vitamin-like substance stored in the fat tissues of the body. It is a powerful anti-oxidant. CoenzymeQ10 is found in the epidermis where it acts as a barrier to skin assault by acne, wrinkles, and discoloration. Major sources of CoQ10 include organ meats (Liver), Oily fish (tuna or salmon), whole grains.
It is crucial to pay attention to nutrition when seeking good organic skin health as almost all vitamins play vital roles in the appearance of your skin.



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