How To Naturally Get Acne treatment with Oil and Home Remedies

How To Naturally Get Acne treatment with Oil and Home Remedies

How To Naturally Get Acne treatment

Acne is a blackhead, small pink bump, and whitehead that form cyst due to prolonged contact with dust, sweat, and general pollutants. These scars can be caused by the presence of dead skin cells and accumulation of bacteria on the skin. Their presence in the can greatly reduce ones general confidence. The fact that acne can occur on any skin and at any age (often due to dehydration, poor nutrition, and hormone disorders) makes it very important to learn how to get acne treatment and  remove its scars naturally. Even though there are many medical procedures used to remove these acne scars, there are natural home remedies or organic skin care routines which are effective and are cost effective.
Best natural home remedies for removing acne scars.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil - acne treatment


Olive oil is filled with natural anti-oxidants which have the ability to loosen your dead skin cells and soften the resultant scars. To reduce  scar and get acne treatment with olive oil, you will need honey, warm water, lime.

Procedure to get acne treatment:

• Wash and clean your face with clean water.
• Use the warm tpen your face.
• Mix the honey, lime and olive oil into a paste.
• Gently massage the mixture onto your skin.
• Do this once every week for a better result and get healthy face with natural acne treatment.

2. Coconut oil

coconut oil - acne treatment

If there’s one oil you need to apply on your skin, coconut oil should be top of your list. This miracle oil is packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and lots of minerals. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer which you can turn to any time any day. It can be used to reduce acne scars, spots, and marks on your skin.

Procedure to get acne treatment:

• Put a generous quantity of coconut oil in your palm and massage on your face.
• Massage thoroughly till it melts in your face.
• Allow the coconut oil on your face overnight.
• Wash your face in the morning and repeat the procedure.
Continue this process daily to get acne treatment and your acne patches fades away. Do endeavor to use extra virgin coconut oil.

3. Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil - acne treatment

Frankincense oil according to research has the ability to soften dry skin and reduce facial marks. When mixed with rosehip seed oil, it makes a potent anti-aging facial oil for scar and acne treatment of any kind.

Procedure to get acne treatment:

• Mix little quantities of the two oil in a bowl.
• Apply on your skin gently till you have covered all areas.
Rosehip seed oil is a “dry oil,” so it will quickly soak into the skin on application.
Use the combination of these oil till you achieve acne treatment.

4. Honey and milk

honey and milk - acne treatment

Honey is a powerful natural exfoliant packed with potent vitamins and mineral for skin health. When honey is mixed with milk and applied on the face, they can do wonders in removing acne scars and get you best acne treatment in a short time.

Procedure to get acne treatment:

• Add a small amount of milk to a bowl
• Put two tablespoons of honey into the same bowl and mix till you get a paste-like consistency.
• Apply the mixture directly on your face, paying special attention to the affected area.
• Allow the mixture on face for 10-15minutes

Rinse off with warm water and towel. Repeat the process daily.

5. Lemon and citrus extracts

lemon - acne treatment

Lemon and other fruits of the citrus family are loaded with Alpha Hydroxy acid and vitamin C which help in reducing inflammation and removing facial scars. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is usually used in most acne scar fading creams to do natural acne treatment.

Procedure to get acne treatment:

• Squeeze out the juice of a fresh lemon into a bowl.
• Add little water invade you have sensitive skin.
• Use a cotton ball and dab the juice over your scar.
• Leave it for 5-10mins to dry.
• Rinse your face with clean, cool water.
Ensure to repeat this action once every day till you notice lighter facials scars.

6. Goji Berry best natural ingredient for acne treatment.

Goji Berry - acne treatment

Goji berry is a plant found in China. This berry often called “miracle berry” in China has lots of beneficial properties for our general well being. It is a powerful anti-oxidant used in the acne treatment , liver defects, help in reducing skin inflammation, improve blood simulation and improve body immune system.
The medicinal properties of this fruit can be gotten in different ways, either by eating the berry raw, making it into a paste and it can be made into tea.
The anti-oxidant properties of the berry help reduce skin aging, reduce skin inflammation, reduce the effect of the sun on the skin all these actions makes it a good remedy for reducing acne scars. We have Goji berry included in serenity-facial’s masks.

7. Acai Berry best natural ingredient for acne treatment.

Acai Berry - acne treatment

The acai palm tree is a plant that grows in the rainforests of Brazil, the berries it produces are known for being highly medicinal often used in the treatment of diarrhea, heart diseases, acne treatment and allergies. It is reported to possess high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which explains why it’s a good remedy for treating certain skin conditions including clearing acne scars and dark spots which. For effective use, acai berries are best taken raw or made into juice and masks by blending and used daily.
So there you have it, organic skin care methods to help you get rid of acne.

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  • Saeed Posted January 16, 2018 10:33 pm

    Curing acne is not that easy but the remedies you have mentioned really work for getting rid of acne personally I have tested some of them and they worked for me..

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