A Difference Between Skin Brightening And Skin Lightening

A Difference Between Skin Brightening And Skin Lightening

Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder. One of the simplest way of accessing a persons beauty is how flawless the skin looks. This, therefore, has made most people especially women put a lot of effort in ensuring that their skin is glowing, some would go about using chemical products such as creams, lotions, and oils while some seek skin radiance from the food they eat. As everyone seeks this beauty for the skin, not every, all know the exact type of cream or facial masks to use whether it’s a skin brightening lotion or skin lightener. Understanding the differences between the two can go along way in ensuring you know what you are doing. Without wasting much time, I am going to discuss the difference between skin brightening and skin lightening.

Skin Brightening

Skin Brightening

Skin brightening has a lot to do with increasing the radiance and glow of your skin. It aims to restore the vibrancy of your skin over time. Usually, as we get older, our skin cells start turning over at a much slower rate, not being shed off quickly enough, the skin grows drier, and you start noticing those dark circles under the eyes. Skin brightening aims to diminish the dull complexion of the skin by use of anti-oxidants, light diffuses, exfoliator and a combination of vital ingredients like niacin, collagen, and specific amino acids. Skin brighteners do not act as bleaching creams; they don’t increase skin color rather they bring out the shine on your skin.

Ways To Naturally Brightening Your Skin;

Using banana and papaya mixture

banana and papaya mixture - Skin Brightening

To brighten your face using this two natural ingredients you will need a blender and fresh cucumber. Wash all the fruits very thoroughly with water, cut the cucumber and papaya evenly with a knife, then cut the banana in half. After peeling put all these three ingredients to your blender and blend adequately. Massage this mixture in a circular motion into your face, access all areas with it, and take care, so it does not to affect your eyes. Banana has high disinfecting, anti-oxidant properties that will adequately cleanse your skin and leave it in a perfect glow. Papaya has unique exfoliating properties that can really leave your skin shining. Rinse your face properly after 15-20 minutes.

Using honey coconut milk and lemon juice

honey coconut milk and lemon juice - Skin Brightening

Honey and coconut are known to have healing properties which will help give your skin a healthy appearance.
To make this brightening recipe: Add coconut milk (2-table spoons), (1-table spoon), lemon juice (1tsp) into a bowl, mix all properly with a spoon or clean hand. After mixing, wash your face with warm water to open your skin pores then massage the mixture into your skin in circular motion. Apply liberally to ensure every part of your face is touched. Wash and rinse your face after 15-20 minutes.

Skin Lightening

This unlike skin brightening has a lot to do with reducing pigmentation and discoloration and evening your skin tone. Skin lightening aims to touch up the darker shades of your skin bringing them in tone with the lighter parts. Most common ingredients in every skin lightener are vitamin C, kojic acid, and retinol. Even though most people go for skin brighteners because it makes their skin glow, it is striking to use skin lighteners along with it. The skin can get discolored from the effects of sunlight, injuries and insects bites.

Ways to lighten your skin

  • Orange

    Orange - Skin Brightening

Orange is a very good source of vitamin C, one of the best actually. Regular consumption of orange can help improve your skin lightness. You can also make it into facial mask mixture. Add two tablespoons of orange juice and turmeric powder to a bowl, mix and apply appropriately on your skin before bed. Wash off after 20 minutes. Repeat this action daily for a better result.

  • Tomato

    Tomato - Skin Brightening

Tomato is also rich in vitamin C and can be used as a skin lightener. Cut a ripe tomato into two places on your skin for about 15 minutes. Its anti-oxidant properties sip into the skin faster and brighten it. Remember skin brightening is for improving skin radiance and glow while skin lightening is done to tone the skin off pigmentation and dark spots easily.


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