Black face mask – serenity-facials

Black face mask – serenity-facials

Black face mask – serenity-facials

In the name of black face mask Black peel off mask have been getting a very bad press of late because some brands contain a type of glue which can really damage your skin.
You can see the evidence for yourselves on Youtube and other sites by looking at dreadful reports of how the glue named as ( Black peel off mask ) can cause problems for your skin. This is a shame because used responsibly, Black face mask are fantastic for your skin care.
This is why we at Serenity-facials are proud of our Black Clay Face Mask, because it contains only the best organic skincare ingredients which are completely safe to use, and does not use the glue that other damaging products so often use. Therefore, if you want all the benefits of Black Clay face mask, without the problems, Serenity-facials have put a lot of care into creating a safe and effective product for you to use.

The great thing about Black face Mask – serenity-facials

Did you know that Black face mask are a very useful way to remove impurities from your skin, leaving you with a clear and radiant skin texture complexion ? It will also brighten your skin giving a true radiance thus enhancing a natural glow.
Black face mask or charcoal mask is both anti-inflammatory and anti-stress which is good news for your skin texture. Not only does it help to remove unwanted toxins from deep down, that have accumulated over the months, it also gives your skin a relaxing treatment that takes away the stress showing on tired skin. In addition, it will help you stall the aging process by reducing those early wrinkles.

So how does our black clay mask manage to achieve this positive outcome? Let’s take a look at this amazing product:

Serenity-facials Black Face Mask (Charcoal mask) Black face mask | charcoal mask - serenity-facialsblack face mask : charcoal mask - serenity-facials

At Serenity-facials we believe in only using the best organic products that are beneficial and safe for your skin texture and complexion. In addition, by using our Black Face Mask you will enhance your natural beauty and maintain a fresh clear complexion. It is great for several different reasons too:

1. It will clear out the toxins which cause blackheads and spots and therefore fantastic for people with this type of skin problem. After a short time of using our product( charcoal mask ) you will see real improvements.
2. It will delay and reduce wrinkles and slow down the anti aging process.
3. It will brighten and illuminate dull looking skin and reduce blemishes and dark spots.
4. Because of its anti-stress properties, it will relax tired looking skin.

How do we achieve such brilliant results?

You only need to see the fab ingredients we put into our Black Face Mask ( charcoal mask ) to understand why it is a great and safe product to use:
1. Black Clay powder to remove toxins from your skin which helps people with acne, blackheads and also has anti aging properties
2. Liquorice root extract, to reduce those dark circles and spots which spoil a clear and radiant complexion
3. Coconut oil to keep spots and acne at bay
4. Dead sea mud containing abundant healthy minerals will draw out impurities from your skin and improve skin texture and complexion
5. Olive oil containing vitamins A and E, will stimulate skin regeneration
6. Glycerin will get rid of rashes and leave your skin soft and smooth
7. Shea butter with vitamins A, E and F will moisturize dehydrated skin and eliminate deep wrinkles, giving a smooth and younger looking skin
8. Sunflower oil containing vitamins and minerals banishes inflammations and irritations of the skin

Using these natural organic skincare ingredients you can be confident that you are doing the best for your skin texture in the safest way possible.

Recent case study – serenity-facials:

Sinead Banks, 25, from London:

‘I have always had bad skin. In fact at school I had the unfortunate nickname spotty Sinead which made me feel awful, as you can imagine. By the time I got into my twenties, it started to really matter to me and I had to use a lot of concealer and foundation to cover my spots. I tried everything until someone suggested using a Black face mask to draw out the impurities. I did so and what a terrible mistake it was. Instead of the lovely clear complexion I’d always wanted, I got burn marks from the product I used because it contained a glue-like substance. I was mortified and it really knocked my confidence. However, a couple of months ago someone told me about Serenity Black face mask and how it was completely  good organic skincare and safe. I tried it and haven’t looked back. Now I look absolutely gorgeous, according to my boyfriend!’

Think safe. Think splendid. Think Serenity-facials.

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