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Acne treatment

Best Acne Spot Treatments by serenity-facials

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Acne Spot Treatments

A lot of people suffer from pimples and acne all through most of their adult life that is has become very important to develop treatments which would be readily available to help deal with acne spots. People suffer from acne due to several reasons ranging from stress to excess carbs or dairy products, even people with very healthy skin are not left out. Numerous treatments have been put forward, but none of them seem to have done the trick of eliminating the dark spots which are left behind.

acne_spot_treatmentRather than dabbling with several new and untested products, going the natural route would have been the most suitable choice. Being able to come up with an easy to do treatment that would be ready in a couple of minutes is a sure time saver and also an ideal choice.

During our teenage years pooping pimples was usually one of our favorite past times. All that ended with the realization that getting rid of the spot left after the whole popping exercise was a complete nightmare. The process of soothing the skin after unclogging was quite very difficult to accomplish. Luckily for some, they do not have to experience this as no spots are left behind after acne. For those of us who have to go through the trauma of trying to get rid of the spots, here are a few treats that could be very helpful. These spot treatment can help to heal acne a lot faster than other regular treatments. They have helped in overcoming several pimple outbreaks and they can be modified to suit your skin type.

1. Honey Clove Acne Spot Treatment

This treatment helps to reduce inflammation and does not irritate. It is made using two ounces of honey, combined with eight drops of clove essential oil and finally, a teaspoon of finely ground nutmeg is added. For preservation, it is best stored in a tinted jar. Apply two times a day to achieve excellent results.

2.  Lavender Tea Tree Acne Spot Treatment

This is made by mixing four drops of lavender tea tree oil with every teaspoon of jojoba oil you add. It helps in preventing over-drying of the skin and other complications that could arise as a result of applying jojoba oil directly to your face. This mixture can be stored in a tinted vial.

3. Green Tea Ice Cubes Acne Spot Treatment

Ice cubes are very useful in the treatment of cystic acne and very stubborn pimples. Green tea is also known to be a potent antioxidant that helps to fight the bacteria responsible for causing acne. The mixture isn’t a standalone one made to work on its own; it has to be used together with an acne-fighting face wash for best results. Form ice cubes from pure green tea and apply on your spots until ice melts completely.

The treatments discussed above are readily available and are very easy to prepare, I suggest you give them a try as you have nothing to lose.

acne spot treatments

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