At Serenity Facial Care, we have produced products  packed with natural, raw, pure ingredients that deliver the best results for the skin.
We have a range of products enriched with Green Goodness. Herbal plant extracts , pure fruits, organic seeds and more that work simply and effectively, focused solely on fighting and treating the many issues our skin face on a daily basis.

You might ask why green ?

Not many people know the millions of hidden benefits in all things ‘green’. From benefits to health, skin and hair, it’s all been given to us, a gift in the form of nature. Therefore we at Serenity made it our passion to put in all the leg work in research and discovery , to ultimately produce products that contain the sources of nutrients and vitamins within Mother Nature , each product specifically designed to target and tackle different areas of imperfections faced by all types of skin.
We are very passionate about the design of our Serenity Facials , and extremely particular about what goes into our product

We can confidently assure all our customers that our products contain no hidden ingredients, no parabens and sulphates that can cause damage to our delicate skin. Also suitable for vegans and certainly no testing is done on animals.

Our wholesale acumen has been a great success. Follow the links to contact us for expert advice and a Specialist will direct you through our fantastic range of unique products that you do not want to miss.